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David Traylor

David Traylor (1)

David Traylor has 2 undergrad degrees in Bio-Chemistry and Molecular Biology. He is a former pro lacrosse player. He got involved in BioTech in the 1990's and dealt with the difficulties of getting molecules like erythropoietin to market at scale. From there he got into investment banking. Obviously, with that background, the next step is to do cannabis deals on 6 of the 7 continents! Golden Eagle Partners was the first investment banking firm to jump into cannabis, which they did in 2013. In addition to doing international cannabis deals, David's experience has led him to be involved with financial and cannabis related conferences around the world. In fact, David is the reason our co-host Trevor was at CannMed 23 in Florida. Listen as Trevor and David discuss: What is THC+ and THC-? Where is the cannabis industry going in the next three years? Did Canada blow it on the business side of cannabis when all that money poured in post national legalization in 2018? Why is it so hard to scale a biological product like cannabinoids? David wraps up with talking about the importance of humility when dealing with cannabis. Whether that is dealing with patients, growing the plant or navigating the cannabis business world, we think a reminder to be humble is a wonderful mantra!