Our team of media and health care professionals bring decades of experience when creating this entertaining, educatonal exploration of Cannabis.

Kirk Nyquist RN BSN MA

Kirk has been a long-time advocate of Cannabis. With 40 years of nursing, he has deepened his knowledge, interviewing cannabis scientists, prescribers, users and growers, building his own understanding on how Cannabis applies to nursing practice. He explores plant medicine in a measured and professional manner. Nursing across generations, his experience includes adult education, emergency response, front-line management, and nursing practice within remote Manitoba communities. He was raised and educated with a west-coast sensitivity believing personal wellness is always defined by the individual. Chasing down cannabis stories has become his new passion.

Trevor Shewfelt B.Sc., B.Sc. Pharm., CRE

“What do you mean we can’t sell medicinal cannabis in pharmacies?” Trevor Shewfelt has been a pharmacist since 1997, but since 2017 this question bloomed into this new passion project. During his practice, Trevor has become an Asthma Educator, a COPD Educator and a Respiratory Educator. He is certified to give injections, treat self-limiting conditions and deliver smoking cessation programs. He supervised the medications in five Long Term Care Homes for close to 20 years, including training new nurses on the pharmacology of mental health and dementia in the elderly. Trevor helped design and implement Pharmacist’s Manitoba’s Smoking Cessation Project from 2012-2014 and has had various articles published in pharmacy trade magazines. Trevor continues to write a weekly newspaper and radio column about solutions to common health complaints. His interests in health, teaching, writing and radio have culminated in Reefer Medness - The Podcast where he interviews pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners, naturopathic doctors, internists, pharmacologists, and various scientists about cannabis while exploring how people use cannabis to make their lives better. Every time he learns something new about cannabis, three more cannabis topics to explore are uncovered. Still his basic question, "Why can’t medicinal cannabis be sold in pharmacies" has yet to be answered. Obviously, the powers that be haven’t listened to to his Podcast yet. And you can bet when pharmacy regulations change, that will be an episode!

Rene Hubener

René is an award-winning radio producer with decades worth of experience working at CHUM and Corus radio stations. His love for quality audio production runs deep, as does his passion for presenting impactful programming, which is why he enjoys producing the Reefer MEDness so much. His commitment to the podcast stems from his admiration for both Trevor and Kirk as medical professionals who challenge cannabis perspectives and legislations, combined with his curiosities around the new definitions of cannabis use and acceptance

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