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Tuesday, 12 October 2021 17:53

E77 - Happy Healthy Hemp Homes by Goodvin Designs

Imagine an affordable home that will not burn or grow mould, while it also cleans the air within. Christiana Goodvin, a self-described “Envelop and Building Science Engineer”, gathers locally sourced materials to build fire resistant homes that interact with the environments we live in. She uses hempcrete. Her hydrothermal designs will manage the indoor humidity, inhibit the transmission of bacteria, viruses, and fungi all at comparable prices to the construction costs of a conventional home. Kirk and Trevor marvel at how one small business uses cannabis to make our world a better place.

Aldofo Gonzalez may be the most interesting man in Canadian Cannabis.  His story ranges from Zaptista's in Mexico to Berkley City Council to UBC.  He's run a clinical trial to reduce methadone use with cannabis substitution.  He helped write the regulations for Vancouver's dispensaries pre-national legalization.  He helped medicinal patients feel better and helped recreational users appreciate cannabis like vinophiles appreciate wine.  Aldofo's latest venture, CannaReps, aims to up the game in cannabis education.  CannaReps courses focus on the human experience and take a hands on approach to Cannabis education for the CEO of an LP and the canna-curious consumer alike.  And you won't want to miss the next Collector's Cup.  Join Trevor and Kirk to listen to an entrancing life story, a history lesson in Canadian Cannabis and learn a little bit too.
Friday, 08 November 2019 03:19

E39 - Outside the tent; inside the lab

Join Kirk and Trevor as they reach from the shelf to bring three stories to you. the first two stories come from Nanaimo when Kirk was visiting a pop-up safe injection site; a tent actually set up in the mayor ‘s Parking lot. We meet Danielle Jackson known as Miz D or Dopprah (https://twitter.com/mycannatherapy) as she speaks to her form of cannabis infotainment. Our second story, outside the same tent, is with Anne-Marie Fischer from cannawrite (https://www.instagram.com/cannawrite/?hl=en) who speaks to cannabis headlines. Trevor brings the third story from the laboratory as Kanata Earth (https://www.kanataearth.com/) explains how they collaborate with the Saskatchewan Research Council to help the industry analyze their cannabis .

Wednesday, 23 January 2019 03:33

S2E10 - Boss Ladies

What do you think of when you hear, "Discretion, discovery, and delight"?  That phrase is what our Marketing Guru, Bridget Hoffer co-founder of Marigold Marketing and PR, thinks customers are looking for in a Cannabis retailer.  Our business management consultant, Karen Debroni - Principal at Debroni and Associates, says education is key for people getting into the Cannabis Space.  Kirk and Trevor talk to these Boss Ladies about how they got into the Cannabis Space and why it is attracting so many female entrepreneurs.  Then they shamelessly pick the brains of these Cannabis Business Experts for pearls on running and marketing a podcast.  Hey, where were Kirk and Trevor going to get better caliber coaching for free?  You should listen and learn something from the Boss Ladies too.

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