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When we started ReeferMEDness - The Podcast, our goal was to learn from expert guests.  We now have a library of "source" information from: researchers, practitioners, people using cannabis, resalers, and growers. Generally speaking, we talk with passionate people who know something about cannabis.  These discussions are captured in the published episodes found within this website.  

The Blog before you presents learning, formed from these interactions; opinions formed from information shared by our guests.  Please feel free to agree or disagree.  Please share your opinion. At the very bottom of each page is a "Contact Us" link.  We are also on Social Media with links above. We would love to expand these discussions by hearing your voice.  

Government. No Bud of Cannabis

20 May 2022
Without getting into the details of each milestone, it is safe to say governments’ path to regulating cannabis is dismal.  Thankfully with each new law, the cannabis community is there to challenge government to do better.  I a...

Knowing the Rules

07 February 2022
I am now sitting on a bench in an inner city river park with 10-grams of gifted home-grown cannabis in my pocket.  I want to spark up. No big deal, right?    Well, actually interpreting the lawfulness of this scenario requires cr...

Health systems remain in the cloud

12 January 2022
I find it ironic how legalization for recreational cannabis sparked health system policy writers to action.  I am not surprised as it is important to align organizational behaviour with changing laws. My issue is with 20 years of regulated me...

Asking the right question matters

21 December 2021
When government was preparing for the legalization of recreational cannabis, I think they started their research by addressing the wrong question.  I spend hours scrolling through cannabis-related government websites reading dozens of asserti...

A safe supply of cannabis

02 December 2021
What if government planned to subsidize a safe supply of cannabis for people who misuse substances? Some may see this as just transferring one addiction to another, yet when viewed through a harm reduction lens, it would be a more humane and less ...

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