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Sheilagh Dohie

Monday, 24 June 2019 09:56

S3E9 - Mood Makers

What should you expect when shopping for cannabis in Manitoba?  Do you need your ID?  Can you order ahead?  Will your Cannabis be delivered? Is the staff educated on product?  Kirk visits a friendly place prepared to assist you with discovering Cannabis.  We are invited to tour one of the two Winnipeg based “Garden Variety” resale outlets.  Garden Variety “strives to elevate the industry and the retail experience with customer service that is anything but ordinary, while offering new products at an affordable price.”  Conveniently located near the international airport, both Winnipeggers and visitors to our provincial capital, have access to well-informed “Mood Makers.”  One Mood Maker helps Kirk with deciding the best flower for doing yard work.  You will be surprised how choosing the proper cannabis product can require some sophisticated thinking. This episode may increase your expectations on customer service; listen with caution.


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