S2E2 - Work and School


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The leaves are changing.  Fall is here.  What do you do if an employee at your job site is coming to work high?  How much cannabis should a school bus driver be using?  Teachers and students - which one should be allowed to use medicinal cannabis?  Are you less fit for work if you are on Tylenol #3's or cannabis?  We talk to Floyd Martens, a local and national School Board representative and Wendy Hofford a human resources and safety expert.  Our My Cannabis story is about a sports injury.

Music: Fernande McNabb
Cannabis in the WorkPlace
Marijuana in the workplace: What is unsafe? - A discussion by “the Conversion” web page

Workforce Drug Positivity at Highest Rate in a Decade - An American study on Cannabis use related to legalization.

What Will Legal Marijuana Cost Employers? - A white paper by National Families in Action
Driving and Cannabis

Crash Fatality Rates After Recreational Marijuana Legalization in Washington and Colorado - A paper by the American Journal of Public Health

Marijuana and Driving: A Review of the Scientific Evidence - A discussion paper by The National Organization for the reform of Marijuana Laws

S2E1 - Legal Weed...


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What is the name of the trophy Governor General of Canada of 1892 had named after him?  Need a hint?  The winners of the trophy in 1971-72 had their names misspelled on the trophy as the “Bqstqn Bruins.”   What does that trophy have to do with Dauphin and the fact recreational Cannabis will be legal October 17/18?  Find out, plus learn all sorts of interesting details about legalization from the CEO of Delta-9 John Arbuthnot.  Come for the mystery.  Stay for the Cannabis legalization education!  My Cannabis story is a young woman with pain from cancer treatment... with a happy ending!

Music: Trevor Gordon
Delta-9 Cannabis

S1E10 - Back to Dirt 2.0


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Kirk goes to Cossack camp at Canada's National Ukrainian Festival and talks to MP's and outlaws about Cannabis.  Trevor and Kirk review what they have learned in the first 9 episodes and where they are going next.  Plus the inaugural "My Cannabis Story".  These are short stories that YOU the listeners submit.  This one is on Lyme Disease.  We normally keep the identity of "My Cannabis Story" people confidential, but Sue wants us to share.  So you can find her on Facebook at "Lemons For Lyme", @suzyjocookshelp or www.facebook.com/suzyjocookshelp.  You can email her directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to talk Lyme Disease.

Canada's National Ukrainina Festival

S1E9 - The Doctors

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How is cannabis prescribed?  Do American prescribers practice differently than on the Canadian side of the border?  Kirk goes South to talk to Dr. Karen O'Brien a Naturopathic doctor in Arizona. Trevor stays North to talk to internist Dr. Blair Hrabarchuk.  Listen as they explore medicinal cannabis on both sides of the 49th parallel.

Music: Randy Jupiter
Dr Reeferalz Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center

S1E8 - The Dispensary

Episode Description

Crystal Ball time!  What will cannabis stores in Manitoba look like?  Kirk goes south to Fort Collins, Colorado and visits a dispensary there.  What does a legal cannabis store look like?  How do the staff interact with customers?  Is it a nice inviting place or a seedy, run down, scary place?  I think you need to have a listen!

Music: Jason Scott
Organic Alternatives Dispensary

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