S2E6 - The Chemist and The Pharmacist

Episode Description

My cannabis is labeled 17% THC.  What dose that mean?  Emily Kirkham, an analytical chemist, talks to Kirk and Trevor about cannabis potency testing, cannabinoids and terpenes.  She also gets into pesticide testing and micro-contaminants like lead. 

Ever wondered about the alphabet soup of regulations like the MMAR, ACMPR and how they came to be?  Mike Boivin, pharmacist and designer of cannabis continuing education programs, gives us a great history lesson on the lawsuits that got us from 2001 to 2018.  He talks about how proper use of medical cannabis can reduce polypharmacy and clinical pearls like if a medical patient feels high all the time on their cannabis try something different like a new strain or dose.

As an extra bonus, if you live in the Winnipeg area....go see Reefer Madness the Musical Dec 6-16, 2018!  They provided us with the music this episode, and it will be a very fun and educational show!

Music: Reefer Madness the Musical - Winnipeg Studio Theatre - Dec 6-16, 2018
Emily Kirkham - Pesticide Testing in Cannabis
Mike Boivin - Six Things Every Patient Should Know about Medical Cannabis

S2E5 - The Endocannabinoid Researcher


Episode Description

What is the endocannabinoid system?  Did you have that friend in high school with the hemp shirt who told you, "The body was designed to smoke pot, man!"  That is not as crazy as it sounds.   Trevor and Kirk talk to Dr. Robert Laprairie.  He is a pharmacologist who studies the endocannabinoid system.  Your body produces its own cannabinoids and has receptors that can accept external cannabinoids like  THC and CBD.  But just because cannabis is natural doesn't mean that it shouldn't be used with caution.  Dr. Laprairie also discusses interactions with prescription medications and other thing to watch for.  But in general Dr. Laprairie is very positive about cannabis research in a post-legalization Canada!

Music: Gary Procyshyn
Robert Laprairie
Cannabinoid Research Initiative of Saskatchewan (CRIS)
Cannabinoids & Medical Cannabis - RxFiles
Medical Cannabis for the Patient booklet - RxFiles
Project CBD - Cannabis interactions with Rx meds

The future of type 1 cannabinoid receptor allosteric ligands - Mariam Alaverdashvili & Robert Laprairie



S2E4 - Carefully Cooking with Cannabis

Episode Description

What did you do to celebrate Oct 17/18? Kirk and Trevor were busy. Kirk interviewed people at the first legal cannabis shop in Manitoba outside of Winnipeg. They also had a party to celebrate a year of podcasting. They called up some chefs, read some cookbooks and cooked with cannabis for their friends! They talked to Joel Carleton-Cannabis Sommelier & Interpener, Chef Matt of Delta-9 Chefs, Chef Alan of Flatlands Infused Pop-up dinner, and relied heavily on "Healing Cannabis Edibles" by Ellen Novak and Pat Crocker.

Joel Carleton
on Instagram @canadacomfort

Chef Matt - Delta9chefs

Chef Allan

Music: Ed Stozek

S2E3 - Addictions and Economics


Episode Description

Are we addicted to taxes?  Trevor and Kirk talk to Dr. Jason Childs.  He is an economist who says whether you want to reduce harm from cannabis or increase government coffers then keep taxes on cannabis low.  In fact, having the government subsidize licensed producers might be a brilliant idea.  In part 2 we have Dr. Jonathon Stea.  He is a psychologist who has studied and treated cannabis addiction.  Surprisingly, cannabis is probably going to be both worse and better than you imagine post legalization.

Music: 10 Stone
Cannabis Regulatory Science:risk-benefit considerations.  Jacob T. Borodovsky and Alan J. Budney – International Review of Psychiatry.


Optimal Pricing in the Legal Cannabis Market - Jason Childs & Jason Stevens (exerpt of draft paper from Cannabis Pracamedic Summit-Quebec, Aug 2018)


Slate article "Cannabis Addiction Is Not Heroin Addiction.  That doesn't make it any less Real".  Jonathan Stea



Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survery (StatsCan)


An Effective Retail and Distribution Model for Recreational Cannabis - Jason Childs





S2E2 - Work and School


Episode Description

The leaves are changing.  Fall is here.  What do you do if an employee at your job site is coming to work high?  How much cannabis should a school bus driver be using?  Teachers and students - which one should be allowed to use medicinal cannabis?  Are you less fit for work if you are on Tylenol #3's or cannabis?  We talk to Floyd Martens, a local and national School Board representative and Wendy Hofford a human resources and safety expert.  Our My Cannabis story is about a sports injury.

Music: Fernande McNabb
Cannabis in the WorkPlace
Marijuana in the workplace: What is unsafe? - A discussion by “the Conversion” web page

Workforce Drug Positivity at Highest Rate in a Decade - An American study on Cannabis use related to legalization.

What Will Legal Marijuana Cost Employers? - A white paper by National Families in Action
Driving and Cannabis

Crash Fatality Rates After Recreational Marijuana Legalization in Washington and Colorado - A paper by the American Journal of Public Health

Marijuana and Driving: A Review of the Scientific Evidence - A discussion paper by The National Organization for the reform of Marijuana Laws

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