S2E9 - Hemp Hemp Hooray!


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What's the difference between hemp and marijuana?  What's up with all these "hemp derived CBD's"?  Kirk and Trevor talk to hemp pioneer Martin Moravcik, and hemp farmers Don Dewar and Chris Federowich.  Martin has been a hemp promoter since the early 1990's.  Chris and Don grow hemp on a large scale today and Chris is the Vice-Chair of Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers.  Hemp can provide fiber for textiles, food and maybe medicine.  There is a lot of interest in getting CBD's from hemp, but it isn't as easy as you would think to scale up to a farm sized plot of hemp.  Clare McBride, also a farmer, works at the office of the Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers.  She updates us on the latest hemp regulations including what types of plants Health Canada will allow. Kirk likes to say he goes for bike rides south of Dauphin just to smell the hemp fields.  Come jump on your bike for a warm summer evening ride. You are passing acres and acres of tall green plants as Kirk and Trevor chat in your ear...

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Del Barber
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Martin Moravcik
Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers

S2E8 - The Basement Tape


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Did you have that friend of a friend who grew their own in a basement? Kirk goes back to the future. An ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) legal grower, Paul, shows Kirk how he grows his own medicine! Paul is very environmentally conscious with his worm compost soil, no solvent resins and deep knowledge and respect for the cannabis plant. Plus he is an archivist of different medical strains. Come down the stairs... and learn with Trevor and Kirk.  This episode sponsor is strainprint.ca.

Neil Young
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Sustainable Organic Solutions
The Green Beaver

S2E7 - Expo Exposed

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Trevor and Kirk went to the Cannabis and Hemp Expo in Winnipeg Sept 30, 2018.  They talked to lots of fascinating people!  They brought you 4 stories.  Savethedrive.com's CEO Chanel Graham was a home care nurse when she saw a need for getting cannabis to people who couldn't leave their homes.  Brad Pattison of Brad Pattison Pet Wellness stops cats from launching aerial attacks on their owners.  Dr. Brent Guppy of Synthase Genetics can help producers identify the genes to make better cannabis strains.  Nathan the VP of Community Outreach with the Winnipeg 420 group talked about 420 in 2019.  Recreational Cannabis is legal, but will everyone at the event at the Leg now be fined?


Alana Levandowski
Cannabis and Hemp Expo
Save The Drive
Brad Pattison Pet Wellness
Synthase Genetics
Winnipeg 420

S2E6 - The Chemist and The Pharmacist

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My cannabis is labeled 17% THC.  What dose that mean?  Emily Kirkham, an analytical chemist, talks to Kirk and Trevor about cannabis potency testing, cannabinoids and terpenes.  She also gets into pesticide testing and micro-contaminants like lead. 

Ever wondered about the alphabet soup of regulations like the MMAR, ACMPR and how they came to be?  Mike Boivin, pharmacist and designer of cannabis continuing education programs, gives us a great history lesson on the lawsuits that got us from 2001 to 2018.  He talks about how proper use of medical cannabis can reduce polypharmacy and clinical pearls like if a medical patient feels high all the time on their cannabis try something different like a new strain or dose.

As an extra bonus, if you live in the Winnipeg area....go see Reefer Madness the Musical Dec 6-16, 2018!  They provided us with the music this episode, and it will be a very fun and educational show!

Music: Reefer Madness the Musical - Winnipeg Studio Theatre - Dec 6-16, 2018
Emily Kirkham - Pesticide Testing in Cannabis
Mike Boivin - Six Things Every Patient Should Know about Medical Cannabis

S2E5 - The Endocannabinoid Researcher


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What is the endocannabinoid system?  Did you have that friend in high school with the hemp shirt who told you, "The body was designed to smoke pot, man!"  That is not as crazy as it sounds.   Trevor and Kirk talk to Dr. Robert Laprairie.  He is a pharmacologist who studies the endocannabinoid system.  Your body produces its own cannabinoids and has receptors that can accept external cannabinoids like  THC and CBD.  But just because cannabis is natural doesn't mean that it shouldn't be used with caution.  Dr. Laprairie also discusses interactions with prescription medications and other thing to watch for.  But in general Dr. Laprairie is very positive about cannabis research in a post-legalization Canada!

Music: Gary Procyshyn
Robert Laprairie
Cannabinoid Research Initiative of Saskatchewan (CRIS)
Cannabinoids & Medical Cannabis - RxFiles
Medical Cannabis for the Patient booklet - RxFiles
Project CBD - Cannabis interactions with Rx meds

The future of type 1 cannabinoid receptor allosteric ligands - Mariam Alaverdashvili & Robert Laprairie



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