S3E8 - Pastor, Pot, and Prophets


Episode Description

Did Jesus die on the cross? Was Moses influenced by cannabis when speaking to the Lord? Are Christian Churches embracing Cannabis? First up we meet the founding member of Christian Cannabis, Craig Gross. Once known as the “Porn Pastor,” Gross has a new message for Christian leaders. We learn how cannabis facilitated his personal journey and how he came to a cross roads. Gross once focused on helping porn-addicted Christians kick their habit.  Now he is focused on how Christians can be healed by this ancient plant. Next we explore the origins of cannabis. Researcher Chris Bennett connects cannabis to world religion and how it spread from one culture to another. He speaks to how biblical Prophets, Knights Templars, and the Messiah himself, were connected to cannabis by reframing our trusted biblical stories. Bennett says cannabis has been part of human history from the beginning. The legalization of cannabis demands philosophical discussions and these two guests bring a deep conversion to what may be our most controversial episode yet.


The Drifting Cossacks
(Yes we got a SOCAN membership to use this song all legal and proper like)
Additional Music:  Marc Clement
Craig Gross - Christian Cannabis - www.christiancannabis.com
Chris Bennet - Urban Shaman - www.urbanshaman.net

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