S2E3 - Addictions and Economics


Episode Description

Are we addicted to taxes?  Trevor and Kirk talk to Dr. Jason Childs.  He is an economist who says whether you want to reduce harm from cannabis or increase government coffers then keep taxes on cannabis low.  In fact, having the government subsidize licensed producers might be a brilliant idea.  In part 2 we have Dr. Jonathon Stea.  He is a psychologist who has studied and treated cannabis addiction.  Surprisingly, cannabis is probably going to be both worse and better than you imagine post legalization.

Music: 10 Stone
Cannabis Regulatory Science:risk-benefit considerations.  Jacob T. Borodovsky and Alan J. Budney – International Review of Psychiatry.


Optimal Pricing in the Legal Cannabis Market - Jason Childs & Jason Stevens (exerpt of draft paper from Cannabis Pracamedic Summit-Quebec, Aug 2018)


Slate article "Cannabis Addiction Is Not Heroin Addiction.  That doesn't make it any less Real".  Jonathan Stea



Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survery (StatsCan)


An Effective Retail and Distribution Model for Recreational Cannabis - Jason Childs





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