S1E9 - The Doctors

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How is cannabis prescribed?  Do American prescribers practice differently than on the Canadian side of the border?  Kirk goes South to talk to Dr. Karen O'Brien a Naturopathic doctor in Arizona. Trevor stays North to talk to internist Dr. Blair Hrabarchuk.  Listen as they explore medicinal cannabis on both sides of the 49th parallel.

Music: Randy Jupiter
Dr Reeferalz Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center

S1E8 - The Dispensary

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Crystal Ball time!  What will cannabis stores in Manitoba look like?  Kirk goes south to Fort Collins, Colorado and visits a dispensary there.  What does a legal cannabis store look like?  How do the staff interact with customers?  Is it a nice inviting place or a seedy, run down, scary place?  I think you need to have a listen!

Music: Jason Scott
Organic Alternatives Dispensary

S1E6 - The Advocates

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You've decided to try medicinal cannabis.  Now what?  If only there was some support out there.  We talk to Ashleigh Brown, the founder of SheCann, a Facebook Community of medical cannabis advocates.  Then, you track your steps and sleep with a FitBit.  You track you calories with a diet app.  What if you could track your medicinal cannabis use?  We talk to Stephanie Karasick the founder of Strainprint.  Yup.  There is an app for that.  And we think it is pretty cool.

 Music Melisa Stefaniw


SheCann is a Facebook Community.  It is a closed group.  But if you search "shecann: empowering canadian women" in Facebook, you can be admitted.  You will just have to be respectful and agree to their community rules.  But the group shares lots of useful information and is very supportive.

Strainprint is a free app that lets you track all thing cannabis.  Check it out at




S1E7 The Government

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Why is the recreational cannabis age being set at 19 in Manitoba?  Why do four big companies have a monopoly on recreational sales?  Did the government look back at prohibition of alcohol to plan for legalization of recreational cannabis?  Michael Legary, a spokesperson for the Government of Manitoba update Kirk and Trevor about the Province's plans as legalization approaches

Music: The Swiftys

S1E5 - The Scientist

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What does cannabis do to the brain?  What is the "entourage" effect?  Does having no receptors in the medulla make cannabinoids safer than opioids?  Dr. Mike Namaka schools Trevor and Kirk about the neuroscience behind cannabis.  What do we know?  What do we not know?  Where is the science taking us?

Music: Kayla Luky
Canadian Family Physician - The official Journal of the College of Family Physicians of Canada
-Simplified guideline for prescribing medical cannabinoids in primary care 
Canadian Medical Association Position on Medical Marijuana
CanniMed Announces Pre-Clinical Research Study of Cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)-Induced Neuropathic Pain
-this was the study Dr. Namaka couldn't tell us about in his interview. 
Dr. Mike Namaka
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