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Friday, 24 May 2024 13:14

E123 - Bob Hill and an Electrical High

 It’s like having a trial lawyer try to explain how cannabinoids interact with endogenous cannabinoid receptors! You know what that is like? It’s, it’s, it’s… actually pretty great. Come hear how a trial lawyer got into the cannabis space, how he thinks the acidic versions of cannabinoids are bursting with medical promise and just come listen to one of our new favorite characters!
Wednesday, 07 February 2024 09:12

E118 - Cannabis: The Textile with 8000 Kicks

Bernardo the owner, and founder of 8000 Kicks believes hemp is the past and future of textile manufacturing. His business goal is to leave a legacy. In this legacy, hemp becomes mainstream and the most ubiquitous fiber available in the textile industry. This small European company creates shoes using the strongest canvas fiber available, with soles made of algal blooms. While continuously monitoring international sustainable manufacturing processes, 8000 Kicks produces shoes that are both waterproof and breathable guaranteeing no toxic substances are used. His business, started with his 77-year-old grandmother, builds running shoes, casual shoes, Chelsea Boots, back packs, belts, socks, and accessaries. In this episode, Kirk and Trevor learn how a small business created a durable Chelsea Boot Kirk now wears as his casual winter shoe.

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Living without alcohol contamination may be an oxymoronic assertion for a licensed producer, specializing in cannabinoids extraction, to make. Typically, alcohol is a common solvent used to extract cannabinoids from cannabis plants. Trevor and Kirk are introduced to a new business in Dauphin. It partners with local hemp farmers to create a cannabis oil. Master Extractor Richard Spatola shares his origin story while sharing a meal in a restaurant. Afterwards, he takes the listeners into his processing plant to explain how he pulls out individual cannabinoids from hemp and cannabis plants to make alcohol-free oils. He and his team believe their process is the future of medical cannabis oils. This episode goes deep into how time, pressure, and temperature are the key components to producing solventless cannabis oils for those consumers preferring products without residual solvents in their medicine.

Wednesday, 20 September 2023 10:26

E112 - A Student of Hemp - Clayton Moore


It is safe to say, Mr. Clayton Moore is a growing concern within the hemp industry of Southwestern United States.  As an undergraduate within the Texas A&M Agricultural Soil and Crop Science Department, he has his fingers, hands, and mind buried deeply in growing a better understanding of hemp and cannabis.  He is: a leader within a student lead initiative called CHIL, an advocate for decriminalization of cannabis convictions, the lead researcher within the university Hemp Conversion Program, plus he writes for the local industry focused newspaper.  He is a busy young fellow following the passions of generations within his family of agronomists.  The future of Hemp is in good hands with this student of hemp. 

Tuesday, 12 October 2021 12:53

E77 - Happy Healthy Hemp Homes by Goodvin Designs

Imagine an affordable home that will not burn or grow mould, while it also cleans the air within. Christina Goodvin, a self-described “Envelop and Building Science Engineer”, gathers locally sourced materials to build fire resistant homes that interact with the environments we live in. She uses hempcrete. Her hydrothermal designs will manage the indoor humidity, inhibit the transmission of bacteria, viruses, and fungi all at comparable prices to the construction costs of a conventional home. Kirk and Trevor marvel at how one small business uses cannabis to make our world a better place.


Bald, gloved, masked up and looking for drug dealer in New York.  This is not a recent COVID-19 story.  This is a story of former pro soccer player Ethan Zohn.  Ethan didn't do drugs in his youth because he was an elite athlete.  Now in his thirties, Ethan had cancer, and cannabis helped his symptoms.  As a chemotherapy patient, he had to go to the illegal market to get his cannabis.  Ethan Zohn is a world traveller, sports commentator, public speaker and, oh yeah, he won Survivor Africa in 2001.  Ethan is back in the 40th Season of Survivor: Winners at War.
Join Kirk and Trevor to find out how older brothers kicking balls at your head can be a career path.  Listen about how Ethan's Grassroots Soccer helps with HIV in Africa, a quick dip into his run ins with Donald Trump and his new venture with Montkush Farms.           
Thursday, 13 February 2020 16:18

E46 - Bif Naked and Mona Lisa Healing

Trevor and Kirk continue their CBD exploration with a Canadian Icon.  Bif Naked, one of Canada’s best selling musicians shares her “my Cannabis story”  sharing how she watched CBD help various members of her family, peer group, and eventually how she too benefited from daily dosing.  Bif Naked discusses her formative years in Dauphin, her experiences with cancer, volunteerism, and how she hopes to change the world with her new ethically centred CBD business called Mona Lisa Healing. Settle back and enjoy this wonderful women’s exploits and wait for the surprise ending to this epic episode.
Friday, 07 February 2020 22:09

E45 - Hemp Sense and CBDilities

Kirk goes for a snowmobile ride and ends up in Gilbert Plains.  He drops in on Hemp Sense and Lyall Bates graciously gives him an interview.  Learn how Hemp Sense technology is on the cutting edge of getting CBD's out of industrial hemp.  And this isn't from a well controlled green house.  This is industrial hemp from an open field.  And it is harder than you'd think.  If you don't immediately get the hemp buds off the field and start drying and curing them in a couple hours, all the CBD is destroyed by composting.  Hemp Derived CBD is all the rage.  Come listen to an expert on how to get it off the field.

Saturday, 12 January 2019 06:35

S2E9 - Hemp Hemp Hooray!

What's the difference between hemp and marijuana?  What's up with all these "hemp derived CBD's"?  Kirk and Trevor talk to hemp pioneer Martin Moravcik, and hemp farmers Don Dewar and Chris Federowich.  Martin has been a hemp promoter since the early 1990's.  Chris and Don grow hemp on a large scale today and Chris is the Vice-Chair of Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers.  Hemp can provide fiber for textiles, food and maybe medicine.  There is a lot of interest in getting CBD's from hemp, but it isn't as easy as you would think to scale up to a farm sized plot of hemp.  Clare McBride, also a farmer, works at the office of the Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers.  She updates us on the latest hemp regulations including what types of plants Health Canada will allow. Kirk likes to say he goes for bike rides south of Dauphin just to smell the hemp fields.  Come jump on your bike for a warm summer evening ride. You are passing acres and acres of tall green plants as Kirk and Trevor chat in your ear.