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Jorge Cervantes

Wednesday, 28 February 2024 15:00

E119 - Marijuana Growing with Jorge Cervantes

Imagine being so good at your job that everyone knows you, but not by your face nor by your name. Jorge Cervantes (an alias) put on a disguise in 1983 and started sharing his plant knowledge with all people. In these forty years he has published more than 50 gardening books; many of which focus on growing that Schedule One drug we call cannabis. This is why he lived in the closest. During the DEA’s “War on Drug” years, many of Cervante’s friends were arrested while he kept on teaching. In 2010, George F. Van Patten dropped the pseudonym and disguise to travel the world openly exploring the cannabis plant. In this episode, we learn his back story and Jorge shares his preference with growing cannabis outside; in soil. He has also recently published a free online resource called the Cannabis Encyclopedia.