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Bernardo Carreira

Bernardo Carreira (1)

Wednesday, 07 February 2024 09:12

E118 - Cannabis: The Textile with 8000 Kicks

Bernardo the owner, and founder of 8000 Kicks believes hemp is the past and future of textile manufacturing. His business goal is to leave a legacy. In this legacy, hemp becomes mainstream and the most ubiquitous fiber available in the textile industry. This small European company creates shoes using the strongest canvas fiber available, with soles made of algal blooms. While continuously monitoring international sustainable manufacturing processes, 8000 Kicks produces shoes that are both waterproof and breathable guaranteeing no toxic substances are used. His business, started with his 77-year-old grandmother, builds running shoes, casual shoes, Chelsea Boots, back packs, belts, socks, and accessaries. In this episode, Kirk and Trevor learn how a small business created a durable Chelsea Boot Kirk now wears as his casual winter shoe.

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