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Aisha Abawajy

Tuesday, 18 October 2022 11:58

E93 - Cannabis Amnesty with Aisha Abawajy

Pre-legalization, policing of Cannabis was disproportionally excessive and punitive to BIPOC and poor folk of Canada. While Cannabis is now legal, thousands are still saddled with cannabis convictions preventing them from employment opportunities, international travel, and or joining volunteer groups. Although federal legislation “Bill-93 - No-fee, Expedited Pardons for Simple Possession of Cannabis” has received royal assent, the complicated process of applying to have a criminal record removed remains prohibitive. In this episode, Aisha Abawajy explains how her organization, Cannabis Amnesty, is fighting for this community. When many people with a cannabis record hope to obtain a Pardon, Ms. Abawajy explains why Expungement should be the ultimate goal. During discussions with Trevor, Kirk reflects on how “white privilege” may have influenced his own past recreational cannabis use.