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Dr. Blake Pearson

What is the evidence? Where are the studies? There is no proof that cannabis can treat anything! Well…What if I told you there are lots of studies showing that cannabis has medical benefits? What if there was a study going on right now in Sarnia looking at Cannabis and Dementia in Long Term Care (LTC) homes? Dr. Blake Pearson and his partners in Lambton County are the epitome of “Think Global, Act Local”. They are tackling the pervasive problem of dementia in all LTC homes by seeing if cannabis can improve it in their local LTC system. Their study also measures if cannabis use in Dementia patients can help reduce Care Giver Burnout. This exciting research on the shores of Lake Huron is adding to the growing mountain of cannabis as medicine. We also take a left turn into “Green Washing”, but it is not what you think. Come have a listen.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020 11:43

E58 - Greenly Heath with Dr. Blake Pearson

Many family docs spend part of their time looking after patients in long term care homes.  Two of the most common conditions in long term care are chronic pain and dementia.  We don't have great options in the standard pharmaceutical tool box to treat either of these conditions.  What if I told you a family doc in Sarnia, Ontario is having so much success treating both chronic pain and dementia symptoms in long term care that his colleagues are referring patients to him?  Dr. Blake Pearson is treating chronic pain, dementia symptoms, autism symptoms and others with cannabis.  His expertise is in such demand that he teaches other doctors how to use cannabis successfully in their practice.  Come have a listen.