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Derek Ewaskiw

Monday, 14 October 2019 20:13

E38 - Small Town Alberta

Kirk travels back to familiar territory. The master of the cold-call finds opportunity to bring listeners a couple Cannabis stories while visiting his Alberta family. Canadian listeners will remember how the hamlet of Lac La Biche helped the citizens of Fort McMurry after the great fire of May 2016. During his visit to this beautiful lake side community, Kirk spoke with the owner of Equilibrium, Lac La Biche’s first independent retail cannabis store. He then happened upon the grand opening of Spiritleaf, where he spoke with the happy owners of this franchise store. In this episode we learn from these front-line retailers about the Alberta market place and how a small town Alberta is not going without.  Alberta is kicking butt and taking names when it comes to legal Cannabis Retail.  Hey Ontario and BC, maybe you need a lesson from Wild Rose Country?