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Dr. Robert Sealey

Dr. Rob Sealey returns to the podcast. Back in S3E7 he talked about Cannabis For Kids. Today we drive down the road to the other end of the age spectrum, Cannabis and Seniors. Dr. Sealey is super knowledgeable, but also pithy comment machine! Within this episode he says  "you wouldn't go into your local liquor store and say, which bottle of Marlow should I use for my arthritis." He also figures "if we're at all related to mice and some people are more related to rats, then you know, you got a pretty good shot as this could actually potentially help."  When filling your medicine cabinet there is "the great substitution effect of using cannabis because of its multi-modal aspects." Applying his knowledge he shares "I always am a booster of the endocannabinoid system." We can’t entice you any better that these quotes. Go Listen!

Friday, 10 May 2019 09:15

S3E7 - Cannabis is for Kids

You don't give cannabis products to children, right?  Or what about that Charolette's Web stuff for seizures? Dr. Robert Sealey is a physician from Victoria with extensive cannabis experience.  He see children and has recommended cannabis for some of them.  From ADHD, to childhood schizophrenia, to Dravet syndrome this wide ranging conversation covers many pediatric cannabis topics.  Come learn with Kirk and Trevor about kids and cannabis.  Are three year olds different from thirteen year olds? And don't forget the chocolate milk!  It's all about the chocolate milk.