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E60 - High on Home Grown Cross Over

This is our Christmas Day episode.  Although it has nothing to do with trees, reindeer, Kris Kringle, elves or baby Jesus, it is as much fun to open as a present on Christmas morning!  The guys from the High On Home Grown podcast were a delight to talk you.  We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed making it.

Friday, 25 December 2020 12:00

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Episode Transcript

Trevor We're back, it's Christmas Day, people are listening to this on Christmas Day.

Kirk Really?

Trevor Yeah. Yeah. Really? Yeah, we hope.

Trevor Well, yeah, they might be listening to it. They might be listening to it's after we're launching it at Christmas.

Trevor Watching it on Christmas Day. OK, Kirk, we talked to some really funny people from all over the world. Really? Who were we chatting with?

Kirk Well, you know, it was it was really a lot of fun. We were speaking to a fella in Britain. We're speaking to a fellow who was down in the southern states near the Gulf. And we were talking to a guy in the flat land. A flatlannder over there in Saskatchewan. And two of the fellows were in jurisdictions that don't necessarily have the same laws Canada has. So they were speaking to us as avatars, but it was High on Homegrown guys that basically teach people how to grow. And they have a podcast. They have a video cast and they interviewed us or where we interviewing them.

Trevor And it was hard to tell a lot of the times, but they they were a lot of fun, super knowledgeable, though, you know, they sort of when you first listened to them, they sort of have the a bunch of stoners having a conversation vibe and they're definitely have that like they actually the episode they had us on.

Kirk Well they are high on homegrown.

Trevor Well, they are.

Kirk They are High on Homegrown.

Trevor When they talked about Bob Marley, you know, how much better is that? But if you just listen to him for just a little bit, you know, they start talking about whether or not they should have acids or bases to wash down their their their tents, because whether or not that will take off the calcium build up, like, you know, there's a lot of knowledge in there in between the stoner jokes.

Kirk Well. Well, why do you seem shocked?

Trevor I don't know.

Kirk There's science behind growing cannabis, this is a very special plant.

Trevor And these guys know a lot of it.

Kirk There's not a lot of it?

Trevor I said these guys know a lot of it. Of the science.

Kirk Yes. Yes. Every episode that they do is a small portion about how to grow. I'm actually trying to learn how to grow cannabis myself right now. And I find their information very interesting. And but you know what? We talk to them for what the agreement was for forty five minutes is something I think we're on there for a good hour and a half. And it was a good chuckle. It was a good discussion.

Trevor Yeah. Now this is a pared down version, but it you'll really enjoy it. So listen to our episode and then do us a favor and go back and listen to theirs. But right now let's listen to us or them and interviewing each other about High on Homegrown.

Macky Maybe they are not here yet.

Trevor Trevors here, Hi, guys. Hey, guys. Mark Kirk is going to sign in in a second.

Macky No problem.

Trevor Thanks for letting us on. This will be good.

Macky So good. Thanks for joining us, man.

TG Nice to see you again, Trevor.

Trevor You too. Should I call you TG or Chase on this?

Macky Is that you know your name? Is Chase your name.

TG T.G., just for that's how everybody else knows me.  It's not like you can't find me out there if you really want to. But from the High on Homegrown perspective, I'm Temple Grower.

Macky GP has started to teach now. Have you noticed that?

Monkey Oh, he's going to see you with your kidney.

TG That's because I call him Jeab.

Monkey Jeab and Teg.

Macky It's so cute. you have little pet names for each other and shit.

Monkey I'm sorry Trevor, but we're kind of we're kind of informal and we just like to have fun with it. So, I mean.

Trevor That that is fantastic.

Monkey Don't don't think this is a regular interview. This is more of a stoner conversation. We're just going to get to know each other. It's all we'll do.

Macky That's how we roll.

Trevor Absolutely.

Macky Just relaxed. We just like to I think we have a different kind of conversation with people when we're more relaxed rather than asking the same questions other interviews would ask the use of conversation, sorry.

Trevor No, no, no, no, don't don't apologize. Kirks, listen to more of your episodes. And I have. And he's more excited, not more excited. I'm excited as well. But yeah, no, we really like the way you do what you do.

Macky Oh God. I've got to go to spend Saturday evening with these guys or whatever.

Monkey We just got just a bunch of guys that roll with or whatever it comes.

Trevor Yeah. I don't know. We really like what you're doing.

Macky So Reefer Medness man, where did you get the name from?

Trevor Because Kirk misspoke. And what did you say? Why? I didn't say anything. Did you say Reefer Medness? Yes, I did. And it just kind of stuck from there. We all had all sorts of we had all sorts of other silly things that weren't working very well. And that one a misspeak turned into a name.

Macky That's what it takes anyway.

Trevor There we Go, there is the man himself. I was just telling them how you how you name the podcast.

Kirk Oh yeah.

Macky Sweet how's it going Kirk

Kirk Good. Thank you, man. How are you.

Macky Not so bad, I'm good and high man, so I can't complain.

Kirk Pleasantly medicated.

TG Nice I see you again Kirk.

Kirk Yeah. Nice to see you too sir.

Macky And I said, well, quickly introduce ourselves now that we are all here.  I'm Macky from High on Homegrown. I'm from the UK. That's about it for me. Really.

Kirk I like I like your web page.

Macky Oh thank you. Thank you. I'll be doing a lot of work on it over the last few days.

Kirk Yeah. I've been playing around on it.

Macky Now call if you notice any books let me know because we just fixing things up right now. So if there's anything wrong to let me know and I'll fix it.

Kirk Perfect.

Macky So. And Monkey do you want to say hi.

Monkey Yeah guys it's Monkey. I'm down here, I'm in the southern U.S. down around the Gulf of Mexico area. And you know, the whole cocoa grower,med user.

Macky  and of course, you've met Temple Grower before.

Trevor Yeah, we had TG on previous episode. We are a podcast we talked about lots of cannabis stuff. But the fact I'm a pharmacist and Kirks a nurse, we probably do more medical stuff, more medical episodes than anything else. And one of our previous guests, she had just gotten into growing her own and talked about this awesome guy down TG down the street from her who was helping her out. So we had him and her on on a show telling us how to how she started homegrow.

Macky Yeah, that's Sue, right. You talking about Sue.

Trevor That from that Sue Litwin. She's amagining.

Macky She's been on a good journey. She's doing very well.

Trevor Absolutely.

TG She's a great lady.

Macky So. And what about you, Kirk? Trevor, do want to introduce yourself and tell people who you are?

Trevor Sure. Hi, everyone. I'm Trevor Shoenfeld. I'm from Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. You would think I'd be close to TG, but even though we're one province away, it's like 500 kilometers. Canada is a big empty place.

Macky That's not far on American standard. It's just around the corner of a Monkey.

Trevor Yeah, pretty much. So, yeah, I'm a I'm a pharmacist and I kind of got interested in cannabis through little old people in nursing homes. And the fact that we weren't allowed to have cannabis go into them through pharmacy seemed weird. So I called my friend Kirk, the nurse, and said, you know, we should talk about this. And it kind of turned into a podcast.

Kirk And that's a that's a nice segue to me. And my name is Kirk. I'm a registered nurse and I grew up in the West Coast. So, Victoria, Vancouver Island off of well off. And if you know the west coast of B.C. So I grew up in the 70s, so I knew cannabis culture back then. And of course, becoming a nurse and being outside the law by being a recreational user of cannabis. Moving to Dauphin years later, I was a likely person for Trevor to knock on the door and say, I want to start talking about cannabis. Like I said, you know, wouldn't that be a teenage boys wet dream to become a nurse.

Macky was it an actual knock on the door, like, oh, yeah, yeah.

Kirk Trevor and I knew each other when I first moved to town here. We were friends and he knocked on the door, came over. We had a beer and we hashed over the fact that legalizations coming. He's got frustration's. And I just had a general interest in learning more about cannabis because of just my recreational background with it. And sure enough, we we did it. Now we're doing it as professionals. Right. So we're also in a country that's legal. So I guess we're allowed to show our faces.

Macky Yeah, that's that's why me and monkey are heads and you guys haven't.

Kirk Yeah, yeah, I got that. I got that from your Web page and I was reading through it. So if I could if I could pitch a question at you guys. Obviously where you live, do you have medicinal cannabis?

Macky It's legal in the UK. Medical cannabis is legalized now. It's very difficult to get out of and it's very expensive.

Trevor So how do you get hold of it? Is it through like a pharmacy, a dispensary or mailed?

Macky You have to be referred to a specialist clinic by your doctor. And it's not very often a doctor is going to do that in the first place. And then if you do do that, you have to pay big consultation fees before you see the doctor. And the actual medicine itself is very expensive as well.

Trevor And are you allowed to legally grow it yourself?

Macky No.

Trevor for Medicine or  all grow, all growing illegal?

Macky Well, there's some kind of controversy behind it because it's not like we had to interview one of our guest recently, Trevor Coleman, and he spoke about it. It's with the UK law we police by consent. So unless there's a complaint made against you, the police won't really do anything. So if you can quietly grow and nobody really is caused by any bother, then you won't get any trouble from the police. But I suppose that matters. If anything, if you don't get caught, the police aren't going to fucking come and pick you.

Kirk But it must be location, location, location also, because if you're a downtown metropolitan growing six hundred plants, someone's going to smell you're going to smell your of your crop. So you must be you must be very smart or have some very, very strong carbon filters.

Macky Yeah. Especially when you're growing up Blue Cheese, which I did a couple of months ago, about to buy a new filter because it killed it. Yeah, well, you know, you keep it small and you have your carbon filter and you follow the rules of grwoing which I don't know if it's just a UK thing, but we have three.

Monkey International.

Macky You don't tell, you don't sell and you cover the smell. So you don't tell anybody. You obviously don't sell any weed because that brings attention to you and you make in tax free money then and the government don't like it and you make tax free money. And then cover the smell so nobody finds out and the smell doesn't bother anybody? And then you'll be OK. So just grow a personal amount of weed and make sure the smell is covered. And you should be OK in UK.

Kirk OK, yeah. So people leave you alone and how about the southern suthern states Monkey.

Monkey Well, I live in a state that has what is considered to be a comprehensive medical program. However, the comprehensive medical program, as you if you know anything about the Southern or any, the United States, just it changes from state to state so much.  In my state, the availability is through state grown crops or state sponsored crops to universities that grow it. And then it is refined and it's only sold in refined states. You cannot get whole flower. It is illegal.

Trevor Oh, really?

Monkey Yeah. To me, that's the purest form. To me that's the most an unadulterated, purest form of the medicine. And that bothers me.

Trevor Well, yes, if you're a believer, that whole endocannabinoid thing you want you want all the stuff there with it.

Monkey I do.

Macky All the turps as well.

TG And in the way that it's designed to not kind of put together in this amalgamation of not synthetic molecules, but, you know, they're taking Terpene out and then putting more Terpene in this, I don't know,  all that kind of thing.

Monkey They are selling SFO RSO and also in that kind of material. And it's just not the same as whole flower because, you know, you lose a little bit when you lose alot when you go through the extraction process, I believe, at least.

Kirk The whole entourage approach, you know, the fact that you got that balance plant.

Macky Like it was before everybody started messing with it, you know.  And I've had this conversation before. It's like, is there really any land race left? I mean, there's plants that might seem like they're land race, like they've been growing for a long time, but they've still been genetically altered in some way by men over the last hundred thousand years, especially in the last 10,000 years where we've had agriculture.

Kirk We're you're probably just going to have to take a trip to Katmandu and get off the bus and walk the ditches to find a land race. Right. I mean, that's one of the things that happened to me. I had the luxury of traveling Nepal back in 1985 with a horticulturalist and the males, the males were in flower. So it was just this wonderful pollen all over the place. And my buddy went out and got his plastic bag and shook a bunch of it and raced back to the the guest house. And we're exploring male pollen hash. I guess it would have been so anyway. Yeah.

TG How interesting.

Kirk Yeah, well, Kathmandu is pretty much a blur.

Macky We spoke to Frenchie Connoli he's been to Kathmandu as well.

Kirk He said he now I actually got into got in some poetry writing.

Macky When you was high on the hash.

[00:14:01] Well, well the first thing we did, you know, I haven't I don't even think I've told Trevor this story. You know, we we flew from Bangkok to Kathmandu on Thai Airlines and they gave us they gave my wife a orchid, with a pin the whole bit. So back in the day, you could have a pin on a plane,  think about it. Right. They actually gave her a stickpin. Yeah. So we we fly into Kathmandu, we get into our hotel, and my wife tells my buddy and I Brent. You guys promise me that the first thing you don't do is get high. And we say, yes, of course. Of course. You know, the first thing we'll do, we'll get settled.

Macky And of course, you had your fingers crossed.

Kirk Well, we know I had good intentions, but, you know, so Michelle, Michelle and I end up going upstairs into a couple's room and our partner goes downstairs and while he's making arrangements, the Losman owner gives them a gives them the sticky sticky hash. He brings it up to the room and we're looking at each other. Well, what the hell? You know, and Michelle goes, OK, you guys, obviously we're going out to sample this. So Michelle had her orchid and the orchid had a aluminum foil around it and had the stickpin and there was a tray of fruit by the side of the bed. So we got the old apple out.

Monkey All right. old school.

TG Ingenuity.

Kirk Exactly. So we so we ended up making an apple pipe using the orchid aluminum foil in the stickpin to create the screen, smoke this hash. And then Brant and I went on a went on our first walk. My wife was too wasted. She couldn't I think she couldn't walk. She was afraid to go out on the streets. Right. So, yeah. So we got, Brent and I, this is the first time, we had done Southeast Asia and we did Australia and we're just going into the subcontinent. So this is the first time any of us were in the subcontinent. And so it's a little, I guess, odd. So we're wasted walking the streets, looking for a pipe.

Trevor And I think that's Segue nicely into if you end up listening to Reefer Medness - The podcast, I'm I'm kind of the straight man. You know, the time, you know, might give it away. But I'm a bit of the straight man. And Kirk Kirk has a little more lived experience. One of the things I thought was interesting when Macky was talking about the smell, when it's not technically legal to grow.  In Canada, well, Manitoba is a little different, but most places in Canada you can grow. But just last week, our version of the BBC, we call it the CBC, was having an expose in Winnipeg about people buying houses in Winnipeg and using them as medicinal grow ups.  And and they're making a big deal about this. And the reason the neighbors complained was because of the smell. Now, I'm not saying you should annoy your neighbors, but the the the slant of the reporters was, you know, these terrible people growing medicine and, you know, it was going to lead to street crime. I think you're kind of missing the point. They're doing something legal.  Now, you know, they should it shouldn't stink up the neighborhood. They could be doing it better. But it was like this was, you know, Hells Angels setting this up when it probably wasn't because Kirk was just recently talking to some people who are sort of trying to go from being home growers to micro growers, and they're running into that same sort of stigma.

Kirk I think I think some of those Trevor some of this what the story not basically told in that story was that there are growing 800 plants.

Macky Whoa. So that's very fucking stinky.

Kirk Very fucking stinky. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And they are and they're they're renting houses specifically to do grow up. So you can you can imagine how the mould will eventually start. But I think that's the story that I got out of that one, Trevor, is that they're growing legal pot, but they've got three you know, three licenses are growing. So they're they're growing a lot of medicine.

Macky We always like to encourage we're growing professionally or not. You have to be respectful grower, whether you're growing legally or not. You have to be respectful of your neighbors and the people you live around, you know, even when you smoke. And I wouldn't encourage smoking in the street because there's kids around. The kids don't need to smell that. You know, the specific place you should be smoking. I just think we try to encourage people to be as responsible as possible. Just because you smoke weed, you don't have to act like a dickhead, you know.

Trevor Exactly. But actually smell smoke comes up a lot since Macky mentioned even when you're smoking it. So what? Because we again, we have a lot of medicinal patients who, you know, this might be the first time they're ever using if they don't want all their neighbors and if they even if they're not growing, they're just smoking in their house, their garage, their, you know, balcony of their apartment building. Do you guys have any tips and tricks for them for not having everyone smell what you're doing?

Macky Yeah, I mean, obviously, it would only work at home, but you could set up a room which is specifically smoke in, but you can have some extraction and carbon filter built into that room as if it was like a grow tent. Instead of covering up the smell of the plants you are covered up the smell of the smoke and then the smoke is extracted out and filtered before any anybody smoke outside and then he won't smoke.

Kirk In Canada, we have garages. So that's yeah, that's yeah, that's my medicine room.

Trevor But we do we do have people who live in small apartments who, you know, are using this as medicine, who have their landlords threatening to kick them out.

TG It's not like in my experience, at least vaporization isn't quite in the same. Like it doesn't affect me quite as much as smoking like combustion does. I prefer actual smoking, like whether it's through a bong or a joint or however you do it. But if you're in that type of situation, something like this, I don't know if you can see on the screen Mycrafty, this is just one version of a portable vaporizer, or either you can get non-portable vaporizers as well. Such as like the volcano.

Trevor The volcano is huge. It takes up seems to take up what takes up the whole coffee table. You an eight friends.

TG Yeah, it's it's a it's about the size of a good sized blender, I would say. Yeah. But they were great in terms of they still do smell but they're not going to smell as much and the smell dissipates quite a bit more like I'm using this in my house right now. I don't smoke at all in my house, but they give it five minutes for the furnace to run and kind of circulate the air and the smell will be gone in this room. But and it doesn't lenger.

Macky Go as far as you know. You got nose blind to it, though.

TG Well, yeah, that's true. I mean, I've never had like, people have come up here that don't smoke and they're not like, oh, man, it smells like weed or something. So I don't know. I mean, I think it's OK. It's better than smoking it for sure.

Kirk It's, again, storytelling here. You know, I think back of my high school friends and the guys who I would go to in those days to to spend my 20 bucks for an ounce of commercial weed.

Macky An ouch for 20 bucks.

Kirk Well, that was four fingers, right? That's what the called an ounch and that was commercial.  And the Mohican stuff would have been $35. We call it a lid was three fingers because it fit in the lid of a of a tobacco thing.

TG I remember a lid from Cheech and Chong movies.

Kirk Yeah. I mean, that's my decades. But my friends, some of guys just never got out of the basement of their parents house. But you walked in and I can I can still smell the home grown that they used to have in that in the 70s, you know, so it does get and the smell does go to the house.

TG It does, definitely. Yeah.

Kirk Yeah. So a couple of questions for Mackey and my monkey. So you're your jurisdictions are legal for for medicine, obviously. Illegal for recreation.

Macky Yeah.

Monkey I'm still here.

Kirk Yeah. Yeah. So are people allowed to consume the medicine in public places?

Macky No.

Kirk Respectfully, of course.

Macky That that's still that's still get prosecuted because there's no way in the UK right now to verify whether somebody's using cannabis medicine or recreationally. So they might be medicinal patient.

Kirk So it's going to have to be like Canada. It's going to have to go to court and case law.

Monkey Yeah, that's going to be more than likely. I mean, I've done a little bit of cannabis tourism around the US and not just here, but even even in Seattle and Portland and Denver, big hubs. It's still illegal to consume in public. I mean, and that's OK. So you can have it. You just can't consume it. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Kirk Yeah, that's what we that's what we call it in Canada. You know, there's legalization 2.0 hopefully with the edibles. But you still can't you still can't walk around and smoke like before a concert. You know how you're used to in the old days stand outside the fire exit and have a have a hoot before you went into the concert. Now, you can't do that. Unless unless you have your green card, then you're allowed to consume your medicine. There is that.

Macky There is a card coming out in the UK pretty soon called CanCard, which is going to be for medical patients so they can identify themselves to the police's medical uses.

Kirk All six of them.

TG I don't know how much it's enforced or if it can be enforced like under the you know, the rights issues, the human rights stuff. But Saskatoon has enacted a bylaw where they say no usage of cannabis, medical or otherwise doesn't matter what it is on any public property, regardless of whether you have your authorization like I do, I always complain about that because I say like prior to 2018 legalization as a registered medical patient, I had way more rights from 2014 - 2018 than I do now.

Kirk Well, but again, federal law trumps provincial regulations. Right. So so they can give you a ticket but they can't do anything about it. There's no.

TG Yeah so that's right. And that's kind of what I've been told by a multitude of people. But I just you know, I'm not the type of person that wants to have to deal with stupid police doing that in the first place.

Macky Everybody thinks, the war is over. But it isn't.

Kirk No, no, it's not. It's not at all. As a nurse, I'm still frustrated with the concept of, you know, pharmacies can't can't deal. And this is Trevor's rant. Pharmacies can't deal with cannabis and hospitals. If I if I'm a medicinal user of cannabis, I should be able to have my cannabis in the hospital. And, oh, those issues, those issues are still out there.

Macky So, Trevor, how long have you been a pharmacist?

Trevor A long time. Twenty three years.

Macky Wow.

Trevor since 1997.

Macky So you've seen the complete change of medicine from being completely anti cannabis to being pro-cannabis, is it even pro cannabis at least.

Trevor No, and that's that's the that's the interesting part is it's definitely not pro cannabis yet. And it was only through the podcast that I realized like, so technically it's been legal as medicine for almost 20 years since the early 2000s in Canada. But every everything that has happened in cannabis in Canada is because someone went to court and challenge something. So it's only been little by little bit by little bit has it sort of come around and even still like I was on a continuing education thing this morning with a with a bunch of family doctors and there are it's gone a long way. It's come a long way in the last three to five years. But still, most family doctors at best are ignorant about what cannabis could do and at worst are out and out against it, like I'm hoping this is not still true, but when we were Kirk and I were at a course about six months ago, pre-covid, it seems like a lifetime ago, they were talking about the whole city of Brandon, the second largest city in our province. All the doctors there sort of basically getting together en masse and saying we're not going to give any prescriptions for cannabis to any of our patients because we think it's all bunk. So stigma's still here, still here and still strong.

Macky You think that it's got any weight to it, though? Can they actually do that?

Trevor Well, for better or worse, since we since recreational has gone legal, you could go down and buy stuff. So that's good. But on the other hand, and this is nothing against budtenders, I've met some excellent bud tenders. Bud tenders don't have the medical training to help a sick person.

Macky Definitely mate. I agree.

Trevor And I don't want to have. But, you know, I don't think it should be the responsibility of a budtender to to give advice to a sick person. I think I think the doctor, the pharmacist, the physiotherapist, the health care team for everything else, we've got a team of people around the patient. Why on this one thing, does the patient sort of have to go do it on their own, go figure it out on their own? It seems, it's ridiculous.

Macky Especially with the lack of mortality rate that cannabis has compared to prescription medication.

Trevor Oh, yeah, you can't do. We've had expert after expert and you guys know this. You can't overdose and kill yourself on cannabis.

Macky Which is going to do fifteen hundred pounds in how long I can't remember. We did a truthful comment on it.

Trevor Within a couple hours or something. It's ludicrous.

TG If you smoke inhalation and suffocation, you know with the amount that you need. To me you are not intravenous injecting the shit.

Trevor You can't you can't do it.

Kirk Then its Rick Simson oil isn't it?

Monkey I mean, if you smoke 1500 lbs of hay would probably kill you just as much.

Macky Yeah, that's a good point. Yeah.

Kirk One of the things one of the things that's really interesting about what we've done, we're up to about 60 episodes now.

Macky Five fifty I think you're on.

Kirk 60, Yeah.

Macky Just to let you know.

Kirk Thanks for that, numbers aren't my gig, I give the numbers to Trevor. No, we but we're meeting people organically through this process. For the health professionals that are stumbling into it. So Trevor made a comment about how doctors could stop that. And I guess they can. But we're through our program. We're trying to encourage patients how to talk to the doctor. And if the doctor is not interested, because I have had I have had family doctors tell me that any doctor prescribes cannabis is a pusher man. Right. So I've had these conversations also. But in Canada, we have services. So you can dial a doctor. HelloMD., or, you know, you can there are cannabis specialists out there that will prescribe cannabis for you. Trevor and I are now trying to figure out how those doctors do it across provinces. That's what we don't understand.

TG What was. Yeah, I was going to talk about it just as a you know, as a byproduct of, like you were saying in Brandon and the doctors all got together and decided they were not going to help anybody. So what are these patients going to have to do? Because they're going to have to call these various clinics? I I'm one of these people.  In Saskatchewan, it's just as hard my I've had many family doctors. I've gone to specialists, drug. I have irritable bowel syndrome, or at least that's kind of what they've deduced. But I mean, I don't really know what it is. But at this point, yeah, none, my my none none of my health care professionals would help me in terms of when I told them, OK, well, I'll try your stuff. But I'm also using cannabis and it seems to be helping us can we look at that. They want nothing to do with that. So I've had to go to these clinics all the time. And, you know, I I'm glad that the clinics exist for for the reason that it does help people that do need it. But again, going back to that bust and all these people complaining, I mean, if you do want to get rid of the criminal or a big part of the criminal aspect, get rid of the ease of access and by doing by having doctors actually help people that need it, instead of having kind of the dial-a-doc model, which, again, I'm not opposed to because I've been a part of that since 2014 for the reason that I can't have my family doctor. And it's really it's good, but it does get abused. That's one easily abusable part of the system. And I don't know, that doesn't seem to register. They just would rather not deal with it and then keep blaming, well, the medical growers for, you know, helping the black market and all this.

Kirk Well, this is the thing. This legalization of cannabis in Canada is is fantastic. But the ignorance of the culture of cannabis is so displayed and how they unrolled that. Right. So you've got the medicinal side of it, but also on the recreational side, the government doesn't understand that, you know, the medicinal allows you to grow 800 plants. Well, no disrespect to these guys that are growing 800 plants, but I could from what I've learned so far and what I know about the culture, some of that 800 plants is leaking out of the into the industry as either gifts or or silver market. Right. So I think I think the way the government unrolled it in the sense that they gave cannabis contracts to big, big money and didn't allow the legacy guys to just say, OK, you know what, we're just going to open it up, and it can be like having an orchard. You know, if you decide to grow apples, you can sell the apples from the side of the road. They should have allowed it right from the start. Everyone's allowed to grow. You can buy it and go from there.

Macky You know, it's like by making it legal, we want you to remove laws, not add them.

Kirk Yes, exactly.

Macky So where do our listeners go to find you and your podcast?

Trevor The easiest place is probably our website, which is And then on the social media is where @Reefermedness on Twitter Kirk @Reefermedness on Instagram. And I think we're also at @Reefermedness on Facebook and.

Kirk And then and then all the platforms. iTunes, Stitcher.

Trevor Yeah. They tape in Reefer Medness on any of the podcast platforms.

Macky We should pop up and I'd like to just so all of you can find us on Google just in High on Homegrown yeah.

Kirk That's how I found you guys. That's how I found you guys high and homegrown there you were.

Macky and that name came up kind of like yours did,  It just one day I was high and then pop. Well, that's a good night. That's what we should make a podcast that night, right. And it works, man, because we're just high on home grown. So what's lovely? Yeah, yeah, yeah. So you're going to use this as well. So if you want to find us, find us on High on Homegrown. Sunday night to stream live on YouTube.

Trevor Perfect.

Macky If you just go to Youtube / High on homegrown, you'll see one of our videos and see what time we saw in your area.

TG Sunday afternoon here in Saskatchewan. But yeah, Google it. Figure out your conversion with Timezones.

Kirk Definitely. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it. There's nothing wrong with having two identicals out with two different brands. I think that would be kind of cool actually.

Macky We do with what we're doing it with Growcast this week we're doing something similar, you know, Jordan River from Growcast.

Trevor Oh, but maybe we should.

Macky Yeah, you should definitely.

TG Yeah. Well, it's a great show.

Macky On his show he sent loads of listeners away, so I've got a lot of growcast listeners, his is a very popular podcast. You definitely check it out. Have you spoken to Peter Grinspoon as well?

Trevor No, he's he's on the list of people we'd love to interview.

Macky Have you got him confirmed if you spoke to him? Oh, no. We know I'll give him a shout. My notes if I can hook you up. That'd be great. I want to get you back on our show. we havent had him on for a while.

TG Yeah, he's a great interviewer. Yeah.

Macky You'd obviously all get you in the same profession. So that would be a great interview for your show. That would I'd love to hear that one.

Monkey And he's very genuine. Very, very good.

TG For sure.

Macky Sweet. Right then, Trevor, Kirk it's been a massive pleasure and we'll do it again soon.

Trevor Macky, Monkey and of course, TG, thank you that was great we really enjoyed this.

Kirk Cheers guys.

[00:34:25] I'm sure will if I ever get over to your area, if you're ever in Saskatoon wants to covid kind of clear. So I'm sure with the whole canna-community, you know, get together and then be great to actually meet everybody.

Trevor Absolutely.

Kirk That's one of my goals.

Trevor Thanks, guys.

Macky It's a pleasure. Thanks, guys.

Trevor We're back out. Kirk, that was great, I really, really enjoyed talking to those guys. I've I've got a special Christmas request for for Rene for a little bit of music. At the end of this, I would really like Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. Again, we were on their Bob Marley show. Bob Marley was their famous stoner on this episode, you know, could be any better. Gotten any complaints with a little Bob Marley to play us out?

Kirk Oh, man, no. I grew up with Bob Marley. I was listening to Bob when I was a teenager. Yeah, no, I'm a big fan of Bob Marley. Peter Tosh. Legalize it. .

[00:38:31] All right, everybody, merry Christmas, or if this is a little bit later, merry after Christmas, we had a great time with the high home grown guys and come on back for our regular feed.