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S2E4 - Carefully Cooking with Cannabis

What did you do to celebrate Oct 17/18? Kirk and Trevor were busy. Kirk interviewed people at the first legal cannabis shop in Manitoba outside of Winnipeg. They also had a party to celebrate a year of podcasting. They called up some chefs, read some cookbooks and cooked with cannabis for their friends! They talked to Joel Carleton-Cannabis Sommelier & Interpener, Chef Matt of Delta-9 Chefs, Chef Alan of Flatlands Infused Pop-up dinner, and relied heavily on "Healing Cannabis Edibles" by Ellen Novak and Pat Crocker.


Tuesday, 23 October 2018 07:34

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Episode Transcript

These are the sound bites clips from our guest for this episode 

Joel [00:02:02] Yes I'm Joel. Joel Carlson I'm a lifelong lover of flavors and food and drink an exciting new kind of stuff like that and cannabis is kind of similar to those things and so here I am. My background is in mixology and craft cocktails. I've studied this and food pairings and alcohol and beverage cocktails beer wine all those things out there aromas their flavors and all these things and then we take that and now I'm studying cannabis interpreting I am getting cannabis somalie as well as attending pop ups and working with chefs to do cannabis infused edibles and beverages such as ice cream and beverages well

Kirk: So you are creating yourself a new job within a new industry.

Joel:  Yeah that's the idea. I know that there I mean there's a lot of things we don't know but one of the things that we do know is that Canadians are going to want to access accurate information about cannabis and they're going to want to access reviews from a trusted source where someone will say hey I bought this cannabis and I tried it or I bought this and I looked at it and I evaluated the quality. You know these are things that are very popular in the food and beverage spectrum. Reviews reviews of beverages and food and restaurant reviews. And I think that people are going to want that information. So to carve a niche myself to be the first market in Manitoba cannabis connoisseur on the analysis and evaluation expert or specialist is I think something in Manitoba needs and I'm willing to bring a lot of value to Manitoba and keep it competitive.

Matt:  Well from my experience and this is why it moved on. I went and bought myself a rosin press so now I'm pressing out. Right. And I can control my temperature time of pressing and my pressure pressing my duration of press time to get different kind of consistency with my rosen and have like super high Terpene Rosin like high production that you sacrifice one for the other. I find with the buds themselves. You're going to find this out to be a lot of chlorophyll It's Greeny. You have that taste. Okay. And some for myself. Like I'm a cannabis advocate I have been growing it since last century I've been researching cannabis last century. I'm a fighter and have been for years. I Love cannabis. I hate the taste of it in my food. So, What's happened is by taking with freeing the rousin now I'm not having as many the chlorophyll there anymore. I can do certain temps that I have not have those waxes there anymore. I don't have as many spats there anymore. I have nice pure rosin and I'm getting really nice flavours out of that and we are finding we can really pair it with food

Chef Alan:  You know it's kind of hard because I mean there's not much studies there yet get out yet. I mean everybody body is different. So like everybody says let's go a low and slow. But I think we're going to work with Red River pretty soon so we're probably going to figure out you know why does this person get affected more than the next person but this body type are like this in density or stuff like that. But I don't know until then I would just I would just say dose to your liking. Right. I got like 50 to 100 milligrams myself.

Kirk:  A hundred and fifty and a 50 to hundred in an evening.

Chef Alan:  Yeah. And that's for me. Great and then Dr. Shelly was saying beginners should start with two to four.